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Create Flash E-learning Presentations in Microsoft® PowerPoint®

authorPOINT captures your PowerPoint presentation and audio/video while you present. The captured file can be further enhanced using custom pre-recorded audio and video, and converted into SCORM and ADA compliant multimedia outputs including Macromedia® (now Adobe®) Flash format.

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How does authorPOINT work?

authorPOINT, when installed in PowerPoint, enables you to create multimedia presentations in Flash, Windows Media and Real video formats. You can enhance your presentation by adding your own video as you present, if you have a webcam or digital camera, or by adding a pre-recorded video file.

  1. When you install authorPOINT, you will find it added to Microsoft PowerPoint as a plug-in.

  2. A menu and toolbar is added in PowerPoint, from where you can easily convert your PPT presentations to Macromedia Flash 8 files, or to Windows Media or Real Player format.

  3. You can simply open a PowerPoint presentation and start capturing by clicking the "capture" button. You have the option of capturing audio or video separately, or both together.

  4. A multimedia video presentation is rendered with your slides, corresponding audio/video, speaker notes (optional), and navigation tools.

Additional capabilities

  • authorPOINT provides database management and search capabilities to manage e-learning or business presentations from within PowerPoint.
  • Notes or slide text can be searched in the finished flash video file.
  • For authorPOINT users, converted presentations are hosted free on authorSTREAM.
  • authorPOINT can be easily upgraded from the installed toolbar, and upgrades to new versions are free of any charges.

  • See detailed information here: authorPOINT PowerPoint to Flash

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The latest version of authorPOINT is 3.9

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authorPOINT Compatiablity

authorPOINT is now compatible with Windows Vista and Microsoft Office 2007

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