Rapid E-learning Tool to Create WBTs, CBTs and Training Modules

Uses of authorPOINT:

  • You can quickly create Web based lectures for Distance Learning. E.g. a Distance Education instructor can create lectures and post them to BlackBoardT, WebCTT and other learning management systems (LMS).
  • You can convert your PowerPoint files to Flash for faster and improved delivery over the Internet. Flash dramatically reduces the size of the files for a faster deliver over the Internet. E.g. convert your existing PowerPoint files so that they can be posted on the Internet while they are truly platform independent, smaller in file size and no body can copy your intellectual property.
  • Solve and save Science and Engineering problems and post them on the Web for your students to view them.
  • You can communicate with your team members better by explaining your ideas using authorPOINT. authorPOINT presentations can convey a message much better than e-mails or documents alone. E.g. a software requirements analyst can use authorPOINT to communicate with his team and the customer.
  • You can use authorPOINT as a rapid e-learning tool to build PowerPoint based training modules with audio and video. E.g. an e-learning specialist can create web based training (WBT and CBT).
  • You can capture live seminars complete with audio and video, convert them to web based presentations and post them on the web. E.g. Medical and Law (CME, CLE) seminars can be captured and can be made available over the Internet.


authorPOINT Compatiablity

authorPOINT is now compatible with Windows Vista and Microsoft Office 2007

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