Getting Started Tutorial-authorPOINTTM

This tutorial shows how to get started with authorPOINTTM step-by-step.

Compiling Captured PowerPoint Presentations

Once the capture process is complete, the 'Complete Progress' message box will open. You can click on the button marked 'Open CM' to open Content Manager and build your presentation.

Build Multimedia PowerPoint Presentations

Build Multimedia PowerPoint Presentations

The Content Manager software in authorPOINT is included to enable you to manage the information for each of your presentations captured through authorPOINT. Content Manager lets you build your presentations in multiple formats. It includes the ability to distribute your presentation to a server; CD/DVD, flash drives, portable hard drives, or zip the presentation for later distribution.

The Content Manager screen is divided into two sections: The Presentation List section displays the list of presentations captured by authorPOINT. The most recently captured presentation is on the top and will be highlighted by default.

The Project Details window is further divided into two sub sections: The lower left portion of the window displays general information about the highlighted presentation file. In lower right of the window you will see a thumbnail view of each slide in the highlighted presentation Content Manager enables you to build a presentation captured through authorPOINT to Windows Media format, Flash format, Flash format for Pocket PC, and Real media format. All presentations must be built in order to be viewed.

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authorPOINT Compatiablity

authorPOINT is now compatible with Windows Vista and Microsoft Office 2007

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