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This installation guide is designed to give simple and interactive instructions on the basic installation of authorPOINT version 3.9. Under most circumstances installing authorPOINT 3.9 is a very simple process and requires few steps to complete. To ensure your installation goes smoothly, an overview of installation options will help you make preparations before you install.

There are two installer set ups available for you to download- Complete Installer Setup and Smart Installer Setup. The Complete Installer downloads all the requisite files required to run authorPOINT 3.9; while the Smart Installer first scans your system for the requisite files that are already present on your computer and then installs only those files that are required on your system.

Things You Need For The Installation:

The authorPOINT 3.9 is one of the easiest installations you will experience. Before running the installer, there are few things you need to have and do.
  • You have downloaded the latest release of authorPOINT 3.9 from our website.
  • OR you have Latest version of authorPOINT 3.9 CD package so that you can install authorPOINT 3.9 from CD.
  • Your computer has minimum free disc space to install and run authorPOINT.
    • For Complete Installer you require a space of 130 MB or more
    • For Smart Installer the space requirement varies as per the requisite files required by your system
  • Uninstall the earlier version of authorPOINT (authorGEN for Power Point 1.0) from your computer if installed. (InstallAP.exe will uninstall authorPOINT version 2.0,authorPOINT version 3.0,authorPOINT version 3.0.1, and authorPOINT version 3.5 automatically. All other versions will have to be uninstalled manually).
  • Make sure no Microsoft Office product is opened.
  • Installing all the prerequisites (Dot net framework, DirectX 9C, Windows Media Encoder, Windows Media format) requires a maximum of 220 MB of space in your Operating System drive. The drive where you install authorPOINT requires a minimum space of 62 MB.
  • ! An alert message pops up on your screen informing that authorPOINT 3.9 is already installed on your system.
Steps if you have downloaded authorPOINT 3.9 :
  • Connect to Internet.

    Security Warning
  • When you run InstallAP.exe that you have downloaded from authorPOINT website, the following window opens up.

    Security Warning
Click on run and the authorPOINT 3.9 Downloader opens up.

Steps if you install authorPOINT 3.9 from CD:
  • Insert the Disk.
  • Run InstallAP.exe from CD Or Click on Start >Run and write D:\ InstallAP.exe. Replace D with the name of CD Drive on your system.
  • The authorPOINT 3.9 installer window opens up.
Install authorPOINT 3.9:

The steps given below are same for both the above mentioned mediums of installing authorPOINT 3.9.

Installation Guide
  • Click on 'Download' button.
  • The system starts downloading the requisite files.
  • If you have firewall/antivirus installed on your system, a security block message pops up blocking the application from connecting to the internet. authorPOINT tries to connect to the internet to download installation files. You have to allow authorPOINT installer to connect to the internet.
  • If you are running smart installer
    • This exe checks your system for availability of minimum requirements for successful installation and running of authorPOINT 3.9.
    • Depending upon the requirements, installation files are downloaded.
    • This may take a few minutes as the exe checks the minimum requirements and downloads the files accordingly.
  • The downloader requires you to select whether you intend to install authorPOINT 3.9 or intend to install it later.

    Installation Guide2

In case you are running InstallAP.exe without saving it on your computer, the 'Install Later' button will be disabled
  • If you select to install authorPOINT 3.9 right away, the End User License Agreement window opens up.

  • Go through the Terms and Conditions carefully. If you agree to the terms mentioned in the End User License Agreement, select 'I Agree'
  • If you intend to install authorPOINT later, click on 'Install Later' button
  • Click on 'Next' button if you intend to proceed further
  • The installer starts downloading the pre requisite files.

    Installing Windows Media

  • Once the installation of pre requisites for authorPOINT is done, click on button marked 'Next'.
  • The Select Installation Folder window opens up.

    Installation Guide3

  • This window enables you to select the folder on your system where you intend to install authorPOINT 3.9.
  • The window displays a default location where authorPOINT 3.9 can be installed. You can change the location by clicking on 'Browse' button
  • Select whether you intend install authorPOINT 3.9 for every user who uses this computer or just for yourself.
  • Click on 'Next' button

    Installation Guide4

  • The Installing authorPOINT 3.9 window opens up displaying the progress of installation. When the installation is complete, the 'Next' button gets enabled.
  • Click on 'Next' button.

    Installation Guide5

  • The Installation Complete window opens up displaying the message that authorPOINT 3.9 has been successfully installed.
  • Click on 'Close' button to exit
  • This opens the *'authorPOINT Customer Experience Program' window
  • It is recommended that you click on "Yes, I agree to let authorPOINT collect presentation specific information." That will help us improve authorPOINT to suite your requirements.

    Installation Guide11

  • Click on Ok.
Congrats!! You have successfully installed authorPOINT 3.9. Once you have successfully installed authorPOINT 3.9, following window opens up. This window provides you with the launch links for Getting Started Guide and authorPOINT (it launches MS PowerPoint).

Installation Guide12

You can now view authorGEN being included in your Programs list.

Installation Guide8

  • Open Microsoft PowerPoint from your Programs menu. You will see the authorPOINT plugin.

    Installation Guide9

  • If you cannot see authorPOINT plugin and authorPOINT menu, right click in the tool bar region and check against authorGEN. The authorPOINT toolbar should now be visible.
  • The authorPOINT menu or toolbar gives you access to the entire feature set of authorPOINT.

    Installation Guide8


authorPOINT Compatiablity

authorPOINT is now compatible with Windows Vista and Microsoft Office 2007

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