Getting Started Tutorial-authorPOINTTM

This tutorial shows how to get started with authorPOINTTM step-by-step.

Edit Recorded Presentation

As you are using authorPOINT for the first time, the presentation details field is empty. It is recommended that you enter the basic presentation details, by clicking on the button marked 'Edit presentation details'.

The Presentation Details window opens up. The left side of the window displays different tabs for specific information about the presentation. Click on these tabs to enter the desired information. Once you have finished entering the presentation details. Click on the button marked 'Ok'.

The information that you enter here is now saved and will be included in your final output. The Build window opens up. To begin building your presentation, click on the button marked 'Start with the Build'.

Convert Presentation to Video Formats

The system starts building the presentation. The progress bar at the bottom shows the status of the build process. You can always cancel the process by clicking on Cancel.

Create Video Presentation

Once the presentation has been successfully built, it will now be displayed in the list of presentations; the most recently built being on the top.

To view a presentation built through 'Build' menu, you can double click in its respective row. Remember that playing a presentation in flash requires that you have Flash Player 8.0 or higher installed on your system.

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authorPOINT Compatiablity

authorPOINT is now compatible with Windows Vista and Microsoft Office 2007

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