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You can share your presentations online on the web through authorPOINT Lite, by uploading to authorSTREAM (see how), a free online presentation sharing platform, and to WiZiQ (see how), a free online education platform. authorPOINT Lite is Microsoft® Windows® Vista® compatible and Microsoft Office® 2007 compatible. You can also directly share your PowerPoint's on these servers, using aP Lite's PowerPoint plug-in, for which the conversion to flash outputs is done on these servers.

authorPOINT Lite provides the option to share presentations either as "Public" or "Private". The private option lets you share presentations securely with only registered users that you invite. Registration is free.

So what problems does this solve?

Sending and download issues: Anyone can share PowerPoint without attaching a presentation file to email. This solves all sending issues associated with heavy email attachments at the sender's, and download issues at the recipient's end. This tool ensures that you never see the notorious yellow triangles with the exclamation mark and ubiquitous unwanted messages like, "your server has unexpectedly terminated the connection".

Presentation replication issues: when you send a presentation as an attachment, you loose control over your presentation as it get replicated on every user's desktop that you send to. This does not happen when you share through authorPOINT Lite as you have full control over the presentation through your user console on authorSTREAM and WiZiQ.

Multiple PPT sharing options: authorSTREAM provides a range of PPT sharing options both online and offline including conversion to video format to send to YouTube or to transfer as a podcast to iPods. You can also start an online presentation meeting where you can present in real time to a global audience.

Also, there are numerous other benefits of having your presentations available online like accessibility and searchability. You can also highlight your expertise and if your presentations provide good value to users, they are featured (if public) and thus provide you or your organization more visibility.

authorPOINT Lite - Free PowerPoint to Flash converter

authorPOINT Lite is also a free PowerPoint to Flash converter with PowerPoint plug-in that quickly and easily converts PowerPoint presentations to Flash (see tutorial). authorPOINT Lite is easy-to-use, and provides fast, accurate and high quality conversions of PowerPoint (.ppt, .pps, .pptx and .ppsx) to Flash (.swf). Once converted, your Flash presentation has the same impact as your PowerPoint presentation retaining its effects, sound, animation, and rehearsed timings etc; plus you have all the benefits of a Flash file like reduced size, secure content, and easy distribution on the Web.

How does authorPOINT Lite convert PPT to Flash?

authorPOINT Lite works as a desktop application. Simply install authorPOINT Lite. Once installed, it can import and convert unlimited PowerPoint presentations to Flash files. The converted Flash file is smaller, secure, and in a streaming media format that's ideal for posting presentations to Web sites, intranets or self-running CD-ROMs.

Features of authorPOINT Lite:

  • Converts PowerPoint (.ppt, .pps,.pptx and .ppsx) to Flash (.swf)
  • Plug-in for PowerPoint to share your presentations directly or Send to aP-Lite.
  • Under 5 MB download
  • Batch conversion where you can convert multiple PPT to SWF files
  • Supports animations, sound on animations, Transition sounds, animated GIFs, narrations, and rehearsed timings
  • Options to select preferred quality- and conversion settings for the output
  • Allows you to edit the details of the output like
    • Slide notes & slide titles,
    • Image & audio quality on conversions,
    • Add/remove rehearsed timings and speaker notes in the output.
  • Personalized output with presenter's image and logo
  • Customized output, which is possible by selecting the layout color and template
  • New Flash player with improved GUI and standard media player-like controls for easy navigation for viewers.

Free Upload and Share -- a free online PowerPoint presentation sharing platform for sharing Presentations on authorSTREAM and WiZiQ, which lets you upload and discover presentations on almost any topic under the sun.

Examples of PowerPoint Presentation Outputs in authorPOINT Lite


authorPOINT Compatiablity

authorPOINT is now compatible with Windows Vista and Microsoft Office 2007

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