Best Practices (Tips and Tricks):

  • The SDK has been optimized for use with Office XP and Office 2003, so we recommend these versions for better output.
  • For better placement of text avoid use of large variations in font size of text in a single line. The use of single or multiple characters with large font size the rest of the text may be vertically raised higher.
  • The use of spaces in place of tabs will lead to faster conversion.
  • Use auto fit option or manually create text boxes to fit text by dragging.
  • Use Format - Bullets and Numbering. Option instead of selecting bullets from the toolbar.
  • Avoid rotation in case of auto shapes and word art.
  • Use ungrouped text for better quality outputs.
  • Resize Images outside PowerPoint before using in slides to get better quality of Images in output.

Known Issues

  • All fonts used in a PowerPoint presentation must be installed on the computer performing the PowerPoint to Flash conversion otherwise in the converted slide, text might be displaced. In case the font being used is not found on the system then the default font is used for rendering the text.
  • Text with Special characters might not display accurately. The output will be dependent on the Unicode output of the special characters.
  • Bullets All bullets may not properly convert to Flash. Bullets having an ASCII code lower than 255 work fine others may or may not work correctly. The bullets might be slightly displaced vertically.
  • Underline is not supported in this release. Underlined text appears without the underline.
  • When creating PowerPoint presentations for converting into Flash, all text frames and graphical objects must be within the slide area. Otherwise in the converted slide, text and objects might not be in the right place, which can cause Flash to freeze and stop working.
  • All graphics inserted into a presentation must have smaller dimensions and sizes than the slide size (Do not resize (especially stretch) as that may spoil the image quality).
  • ActiveX objects may present problems and compatibility issues with some PPT2Flash conversion tools.
  • Multiple masters may sometimes give the problem with background color.
  • Animated Gifs are not supported if they are inserted using New Photo Album feature of PowerPoint. They will be converted as normal images.
  • Conversion time will increase with the use of hyperlinks and superscript and subscript in text (Office XP and 2003 only).
  • We do not support all the animations provided by PowerPoint. All the commonly used animations are converted properly.
  • Only default animation effect options work. At present we do not provide the advanced animation effect options that are present within the PowerPoint. E.g. Only All at once animation for text is supported. (Line wise animation of text).
  • Animations on master slides applied at body or title level in slides are supported for Office 2007 only.
  • Callouts may be displaced in some cases.
  • Read only, Password protected, Presentation Marked for Revision (Reply with changes) may not be converted.
  • Multiple font size in a single line will be aligned from top.
  • Speed of the moving object for the motion path may vary.
  • Start the custom path from the object’s original position.
  • If more than 1 motion path is applied on the same object, and the second motion path is to start from the end position of the first path, then in this case, second effect will start from the original position of the object and so on.
  • Auto reverse is supported but Reverse-Path direction is not supported.
  • Animation Sound on motion path is not supported.
  • Output may vary in case of custom path, if starting position of the custom path is not same as object’s original position or original path is extended.
  • Order of the motion path effects will remain the same as applied in the presentation.
  • Moving Gif will not play, if any effect is applied on it.
  • Repeat for "Until End of Slide" and "Until Next Click" will keep on play for the end of the slide.


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