Getting Started Tutorial-authorPOINTTM Lite

This tutorial shows how to get started with authorPOINTTM Lite step-by-step.

Edit the Flash Output

Once a presentation is successfully converted, you can change certain things about your flash output such as audio and image quality, and the template for look and feel.

To edit the details of the output,follow the steps below:

  1. Select the presentation to be edited from thumbnails list. The selected presentation opens up in the ‘Slide View’ window.

  2. The ‘Slide view’ window displays the slide thumbnails at the bottom and the slide view in the upper section. The Left section of the Slide View window lets you edit the title and notes of a slide by clicking on the links marked ‘Edit Slide Title’and ‘Edit Notes’ respectively.

  3. The right-side section of ‘Slide View’ window displays the presentation’s details. It has three icons at the bottom.
    1. Clicking on the first icon opens up the ‘Presentation Details’ tab. You can add/edit the description and the keyword of the presentation. If you have uploaded your presentation to authorSTREAM, you can spot the link marked ‘View Presentation on authorSTREAM’. Hit the link, and you can view the presentation on authorSTREAM.

    2. When you click on middle icon, the ‘Presenter Information’ tab opens up. Click on the middle icon (represented by a user). This opens the presenter information tab. This tab lets you personalize your presentation by adding your personal info to the presentation. Remember, the info that you add here will be specific to the presentation.
      1. Enter a title that signifies your role or position in the presentation.
      2. Enter your Name, Organization and the Email address.
      3. You can add your image and logo by clicking on the link marked ‘Browse’ made available in both the ‘Presenter's Image’ and ‘Presenter's Logo’ field.
      4. To remove data from a field, you can click on the link marked ‘Clear’. To remove data from all the fields, you can click on ‘Clear All’.

    3. The third icon stands for ‘Presentation Settings’ tab. The ‘Settings’ tab opens up displaying the default settings from the ‘Options’ window. Remember the changes here will be presentation specific.

      1. Set the quality level for images and audio used in the presentation.
      2. Select if you need the embedded narrations or rehearse timings of the presentation.
      3. Check the checkbox in the ‘Speaker Notes’ field if you need speaker notes of the presentation in the output.
      4. You can customize the output by select the template layout and the color.
  4. Click on the button marked ‘Save’ in the toolbar to save the changes.

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